We can help you:
- communicate fast and easily
- share knowledge and data
- access powerful business tools
- build a strong franchise organization
Keep your franchise organization up-to-date.
- and give your franchisees powerful business tools.
The Franchise-Collaboration.com® software brings together powerful, professional web-based business tools specifically designed to the franchise industry to make collaboration easy, cost-effective and in the same software give your franchisees powerful tools to do business. You can easily share and access your franchise key information, presentations, documents, manuals and give each franchisees their own private intranet with calendar, e-mail, CRM and much much more – available anytime and anywhere.

Features available in each project- and intranet room.
• Announcements • Calendaring • Accounts & contacts
• CRM • Lead Management • Invoicing*
• File-sharing • Photo-sharing • Task Management
• Timeline • Milestones • E-mail management
• Time Tracking • Discussion Forum • Service Desk/Help Desk
• Reporting • Link catalog • Franchise Handbook
• Personal web-tools • Shop-in-shop* • Resource Management*
• Staff Work Schedule* • Contract Management* • Media database*
• Online Meeting* • Online Webinars* • and more...
More features...

(*) marked features are under development.


Collaborate and keeping your organization up-to-date.
Get everybody on the same page and access franchise information from anywhere in the world.

Sharing key franchise information and collaborate with your franchisees, is one of the most important tasks in order to succeed in the franchise industry today. The Franchise-Collaboration.com intranet gives you tools to easy distribute, share and keeping your franchisees up to date in any perspective.
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Give each franchise location their very own private intranet room.
Franchise-Collaboration.com® supports use of several project rooms and independently intranet rooms within the same site and login.

With the support of several independently running virtual project rooms within the same site and login, Franchise-Collaboration.com gives you unique possibilities to give your franchisees private powerful tools such as online calendar, e-mail support, file-sharing and CRM features.
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Create project rooms of any kind to collaborate in e-learning, franchise expansion and more.
Franchise-Collaboration.com® supports use of project rooms within the same site and login.

With the support of several independently running virtual project rooms within the same site and login, it is possible to create project rooms for e-learning, franchise expansion, partner project rooms, project rooms for construction sites and many more..
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Hosted solution gives you benefits of:
- no set-up or installation
- no hardware to buy
- no worries about maintenance
- no worries about backup
- access from anywhere
- future enhancements are free
- you can start today.
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New customer

YogaBugs Ltd. United Kingdom selects Franchise-Collaboration.com to manage their entire franchise organization.

No installation, setup or maintenance.
Franchise-Collaboration.com® is a hosted solution. This mean you don't need to think of installation, setup, running or maintenance of the system. All you need is an internet browser - and you are ready to communicate with your entire franchise organization.
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